As students, we’ve seen the need for action and awareness about these impactful social issues. Empowering our classmates and beginning these conversations will allow for true student solutions. We’re in the best position to create the change needed – It’s time for students to take back the campus. See why this matters to the Drake LEAD Capstone team here: S.O.S Our Story

The S.O.S. Summit will provide an open forum for student representatives from a variety of colleges in the state of Iowa. Topics of discussion will focus on race relations, mental health, sexual assault/ interpersonal violence and LGBTQ inclusion.

Each school in attendance will leave with a greater understanding of how these issues are addressed on each individual campus. Your representatives will return to campus with a clear plan for better results. The ideal attendees are students who are passionate about these social issues and advocates who want to help bring positive change to their university.

Our mission: To build a shared vision within the Iowan collegiate community that addresses and creates solutions for hot-button social issues to result in safer communities.


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